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Complete Advantage - Imagine having your own Legal Advisor, Risk Manager, Insurance Manager and Forensic Auditor on call without paying a fixed salary for these specialized and necessary services whilst concentrating on growing your core business.

Now you can have the complete service at a fraction of the price as and when you need it “Affordable Professional Services...for complete peace of mind!”

We have found that a lot of medium sized companies are growing and expanding at a rapid pace and rightfully the management's focus is on the core business.  Most medium sized companies cannot afford to employ the services of professional or management staff such as a Legal Advisor, Risk Manager, Insurance Manager and/or Forensic Manager, as most of these specialized positions have large salary expectations and their services might although crucial, not be required on a full time basis. 

This is our niche market and specially.  Not only can we assist with all these important functions, we can do so at a very affordable rate.  In fact at 10th of the cost of employing one such person and with none of the employee related hassles.  We are flexible and adjust to your specific requirements.

We need to have a formal relationship with your company and therefore we enter into a retainer contract with our clients safeguarding their and our interest and securing a preferential service and fee as well as availability to provide our services.  Hours can be added and are carried over if not used, so there is no disadvantage, therefore the Complete Advantage!
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