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Effective and affordable online advertising for small to medium Businesses in South Africa.
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WebContact Business Directory AddressKudu Street, Allens Nek, Roodepoort, Gauteng, 1709
WebContact Business Directory Contact PersonAlvin
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WebContact Business Directory Fax086 602 8326
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Since 2008, WebContact has been providing effective and affordable online advertising for thousands of small to medium Businesses in South Africa.

A Premium Ad allows you many, many features, which helps to enhance your ad, and ultimately increase the probability of your ad ranking high on a Google search.

The description of your business allows you to showcase your business in a way that promotes the professionalism you want to portray to your potential clients.

You can even have images within your description to give it some flair and make it more exciting for people to read.

There are many more features, too many to mention here, and each feature not only enhances your ad, but also increases your popularity in search engines, and ultimately, sends more business your way.

Consider advertising with a Premium Ad. It's worth it!

Have a look around this specific ad to see what features you can get as a Premium Advertiser.

We look forward to welcome you on board!
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05-06-2011 - John

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I've had lots of leads through this site. A Premium Ad is definitely the way to go!
04-06-2011 - Alvin

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This is an excellent medium to advertise in, and affordable too.
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